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2017 Tax Deadlines

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The Internal Revenue Service has made many changes in the 2017 tax deadlines of many different returns. The following is a list of the deadlines (new deadlines are noted in bold).

Research Tax Credit

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There have been some major changes in the Research Tax Credit that might make something worth considering as it relates to your 2016 returns.



Carlson Highland Rebranding Reflects Company Identity

Carlson Highland & Co., LLP has been providing exceptional accounting, audit, tax, and consulting services to the Midwest area for over 40 years.

The Carlson Highland family felt it was time to rebrand and create a fresh look for the firm. The company hadn’t rebranded in over 15 years and the brand image no longer reflected the values and personality of a forward-moving, highly respected CPA firm.

The purpose of the rebranding was to refresh the firm’s outward-facing image, including the company website, which will reflect the rebranding in the near future, and to modernize the brand to better connect with customers.
Carlson Highland & Co., LLP is proud to unveil the firm’s new name and logo, CarlsonSV:

Carlson Highland, now CarlsonSV, is client-focused, dedicated, honest, professional, resourceful, and collaborative. The company values people above all else. The name change won't change the high level of services the firm provides, nor change the value placed on client relationships.

The company’s name may be changing, but the firm’s core values remain the same. CarlsonSV will continue to create an enduring place where clients across the Midwest are afforded the best, most comprehensive accounting services, delivered by skilled professionals with the highest standards.

Our Mission

At CarlsonSV our purpose is to serve and to meet the accounting and tax needs of our clients in a respectful and professional manner. Having professional staff on hand ensures you the Integrity, Quality and Reliability that you should expect when doing business with an accounting firm. The words Integrity, Quality, and Reliability are not just words to us. They stand for what we strive to provide for our clients each and every day.

Client-focus:  Our focus is on providing the highest degree of quality service to our clients.

Leadership:   We are industry leaders dedicated to providing quality service while demonstrating civic
                        leadership through service and contributions to our community.

Integrity:        We consistently build trust between our company, clients and community.  Our team is 
                        comprised of the most ethical and dedicated professionals in their field with strong moral

Expertise:      Our numerous professional accreditations reflect decades of collective experience
                        and industry knowledge.

Network:        Our network of meaningful relationships is what drives our business success.

Teamwork:    We are a collaborative team with a dedicated professional staff.